The area

Our B&B is located in the rural community of Moerbeke-Waas, which was the heart of Flemish sugar production until 2007.

We live 5 kilometres  from the city centre, amid fields and farms and 1 km from the Dutch border.



Nonetheless, our B&B is very conveniently located: the N34 highway will take you to Ghent or Antwerp in less then half an hour.


Activities in the neighbourhood

You will most certainly be dazzled by the gorgeous ‘polder’ landscape around Moerbeke-Waas, with its typical creeks. 

The 'Westerschelde' is nearby estuary of the river 'Schelde'.


There are also a number of scenic villages across the Dutch-Belgian border that are certainly worth a visit.


Cycling is a must, our B&B lies on the crossroads of the Waasland Cycling Network and the Netherlands Cycling Network.


Why not take the old tramway road, from the former Moerbeke-Waas station all the way to the city of Sint-Niklaas?